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Bank Building Improves its Energy Efficiency and Occupant Comfort with Sunscape Designer Window Films

Our Sunscape dealers have recently completed many notable installations across the country. We would like to thank Promark Window Tinting of Knoxville, Tennessee for sharing an interesting job they recently completed at a local bank building.

One of the most noteworthy elements of this installation is the fact that the bank’s management staff was so eager to have Sunscape window film installed on their new building, even before they moved in!

Click here to learn more and view the complete Bank Building Case Study.

Charlotte Motor Speedway Improves Its Fans’ Viewing Experience with Sunscape Designer Window Film

Our Sunscape dealers have been keeping busy with many exciting projects requiring our exclusive, designer film line! One of these notable installations was recently performed at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina by All Pro Window Tinting of Atlanta, Georgia. They installed Purelite 60 on the Speedway’s exclusive “Speedway Club” windows to enhance the views of those watching the races from the club level.

We reached out to both All Pro Window Tinting and the Charlotte Motor Speedway to obtain some additional details to create a case study for our customers. In talking with the managers of the Speedway, we learned that they have been extremely happy with both the film and the installation and their patrons are commenting on the improved visibility as well!

Click here to learn more and view the complete Charlotte Motor Speedway Case Study.

Sunscape Films Protect Against the Invisible Dangers of the Sun

Sunlight provides the energy we require in our daily lives. From growing our natural resources to lighting our days, it is necessary for our very existence here on Earth. However, along with the many benefits of solar energy there are also some negative side effects. Specific sectors of solar energy can not only cause personal discomfort but also inflict permanent damage to our valuables and furnishings.

We tend to think of the sun’s rays as either heat or light. These are the two elements we can feel and see. However, another area of the solar energy spectrum that we don’t feel or see is ultraviolet radiation. While we don’t notice this spectrum it can be very harmful to us. Often people will venture outside on an overcast day and since they don’t see the sun think they don’t need to protect their skin only to find out hours later that they have gotten sunburned. This is because ultraviolet radiation cannot be seen or felt even though it is the single largest source of the sun’s energy that contributes to skin damage and the fading of fabrics and furnishings, in addition to other factors.

When evaluating which window film will offer you the right protection for your home consider a product that provides a fair amount of protection from all three elements, heat, light (also referred to as glare) and ultraviolet radiation. By controlling all three of these elements you can provide your home and its occupants with the wonderful benefits of the sun while controlling the harmful effects of solar radiation.

By contacting an authorized Sunscape Dealer you can ensure that they will discuss your solar concerns, evaluate your home and windows, and educate you on solar energy while providing the best solution. To learn more about the harmful effects of the sun, please review Sunscape’s “Technically Speaking” documents that further expand upon the science of infrared heat, visible light, and ultraviolet radiation. You will find by understanding these elements you can better choose a product that will enhance your view and offer protection to you and your valuables while creating a comfortable living environment.

Introducing Our New Purelite Window Film

A very distinctive product created to be an extremely light window film that provides balanced solar performance while appearing extremely neutral on glass. Where soft light is the desired effect, this technologically-developed window film allows excellent solar protection while providing a very soothing view and appearance. If you are looking for solar performance of much darker films while creating a crisp fresh view through windows from both the inside and the outside, than Purelite 60 is the product for you. Why not be able to enjoy your view day or night. A perfect product for both residential and commercial application were two way vision is required.

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